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Prime goal is to create a shop in which you can easily find whatever product you need.A Plus Electric Company was established to produce PVC Cable Trunkings, PVC Conduits, and other electrical products in 2013.Although our company is young, we has managed to export to more than 50 different countries in

short term in Europe, Africa, Middle East and became the supplier of the biggest projects in Turkey with an excellent track record for the customer satisfaction. A Plus Electric has built brand awareness in the country and has never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customers. With its production capacity of one thousand tons per month A Plus Electric continues its activity in Ortakoy Industrial Site in Silivri in Istanbul, constantly renews and develops itself in accordance with the requirements of time and technology by developing quality management system in international ISO 9001:2015 standards.Our Mission is to produce and deliver our customers’ orders on time with high quality and affordable cost. Our vision, to represent our country to the world’s electric industry. Now A Plus Plastic has moved on and started a new branch to the United States to generate remarkable solutions to the electrical industry as A Plus Solutions LLC.


Cable Management

At A Plus Electric, you will find the right cable duct for every need, with which you can optimally integrate cables of all kinds into the room structure. We manufacture cable channels with many options; in sets or single, mini or maxi sizes, self-adhesive or non-adhesive and many color alternatives.

Electrical Distribution Boards

Electrical Distribution Boards
We supply safe and durable electrical distribution boards.
ABS electrical distribution boards have two types, transparent cover and poak cover.
• Resistance: Chemical agents, alkali, oils, salts, etc
• Rated Voltage: Up to 690V
• Maximum Current: Up to 800A
• Operating Temperature: -35°C + 65°C
• Mounting Plate: Galvanised steel 1mm
• IP65 Protection Standards

Polyester electrical distribution boards have humidity resistant and UV resistance.
• Operating Temperature: -40°C + 70°C
• Door Opening Angle 210
• IP65 Protection Standards
• Fire Resistance : V0 and V2
• Chemical Resistance: Full Protection Against Acid and Base
• Corrosion Resistance: High Resistance Against Adverse Weather Conditions

EMT Steel Conduits

We supply two types EMT (Electirical Metalic Tubing) steel conduits: pregalvaniz and hot deep galvaniz. EMT steel conduits used as cable protection in eletrical installations.
• Outside Diameter: 11.93 – 114.3 mm
• Thickness: 1.07 – 2.11 mm
• Flexible
• Standard Length: 10 Ft
We also supply EMT steel conduit accessories (elbows, set screw couplings, joints), aluminium conduit bodys and steel indoor boxes.

Cable Ties, Adhesive Mounts and Nailed Cable Clipses

A Plus Electric offers a range of tough, high quality cable ties, suitable for a wide range of electrical applications. Our Standard Cable Ties come with a built in lock system to prevent accidental removal. UL94 V-2 heat stabilized cable ties are ideal for applications where heat is generated or present. Heat Stabilized cable ties offer greater stability properties in harsh environments.

We supply cable ties in white, yellow, black, green, blue and red. Our high quality cable ties can carry cables weighing 8-79 pounds.

• UL Certificate
• Self-locking design makes it easy to use
• Strong adhesive tie mounts (19×19 mm and 28×28 mm)
• High quality cable clips for concrete walls

Cable Ends

An insulated terminal is a metal terminal insulated from its fixing point on a PCB or panel. The purpose of this component is to provide a point which can be used to terminate wires or component leads, whilst maintaining electrical isolation from the panel to which it is fixed. We supply blade type, fork type, ring type terminals, female and male terminals. We try to supply high quality productions and satisfy the best service for our customers.

Metalic Cable Tray

We have diversified our metallic cable trays for your industrial solutions. According to your needs, we have Heavy Duty Type and Medium Duty Type choices. Also you can prefer Pregalvanised or Hot Dip Galvanised Types.

Lighted Buoy

Isn’t that a great idea to have a great view while you mark your boundries? With luminous marker buoy, you can both mark your shorelines to have a secure swimming areas and great night-time decoration. Multifunction and multi colored marker buoy can be used at marinas, seas, coastal lanes, gardens and pools.