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About Composite-Deck

Our Composition-deck was founded by professionals who are experienced in manufacturing with the extrusion method. Not only does it employ advanced technology and technique, but also the skills and experience of our specialized employees.

Our Composition Timber uses completely organic wood dust ground within the same plant to maintain standard. Annually, we can produce up to 5,000 tons of product. Eco-friendly, human-friendly, quality manufacturing are permanent staples for business approach in our Composition Decks.

Composite Deck

Outdoor timber of any quality has a lifespan. A minimum of biannual maintenance is often required with varnish or chemical finishes. Through wear screws can become exposed and the timber surface may become slippery when wet. Not only is the initial installation of timber costly, but long term maintenance can also become a steep investment. With the Decodeck system, none of these obstacles are an issue.From pool edges to landscaping, the decking you’re spending your money on should be durable, reliable, and long lasting.

Composite Solid Deck

Our Composition Solid Deck is a timber material, resistant to the elements. It is perfect for use on wet floor settings such as pool edges, gardens and patios, terraces, and bathrooms. Solid Deck Materials are the start in a new generation of organic products that are durable, easily workable, maintenance free, paintable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. The Composition Deck has a mesh layer laid underneath that allows for water to drain quickly and effectively. Upon installation, galvanized stainless steel or plastic fittings will be used to set the mesh and deck material in place. The Composite Deck is composed in parts of a mixture of wood and plastic to form the semi-natural product.Deck brand products are materials mixed in parts of roughly 55% wood dust and 45% PVC, as well as binding agents. This composition makes it so that the decks are resistant to adverse and extreme weather and versatile enough to take indoors and outdoors as well.


Thanks to our unique production process, we turn high quality, organic materials into durable and moisture resistant pergola profiles. Not only do you save on labor costs for installation, but the expensive upkeep that comes with other deck flooring. We recommend cleaning the Composite-Deck with pressurized water only. Dust and dirt cannot penetrate the flooring, so use of a pressure washer or hose and a steel wire brush to clean the flooring is enough to restore the surface to its original state.

Composite Siding

Our timber sliding profiles have a natural wood texture that is ideal for a wood finished look in houses, villas, offices, hotels, and other commercial buildings. These profiles come in multiple colors to fit all aesthetic needs in any setting. They are rain, snow, and sunlight resistant and provide insulation as well. The Composite Deck is a perfect alternative to authentic timber products. It holds the visual and aesthetic value without the splintering, cracking, and corroding. The sliding profiles can be used for solid and firm support profiles in base construction and the easy screwing system allows for quick installation. A standard tool kit and a miter saw is enough for full installation.

City Furniture

Decking although easy, can often be a time-consuming type of flooring to install. It is extremely important that the area where the decking is laid down be level and square. If the ground is not level there is the risk that the flooring will be uneven and loose, and wrinkling can occur. Once the carcass material is laid on the ground, the composite deck may be installed over it and secured using stainless steel deck clips. load capacity and traffic level of the area decking is being installed over is taken into consideration for how many clips are added on. Deck tiles are also easy to install, and easy to remove when needed as well.